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GLITTER BABY!!! June 3, 2012

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Hello Stampers,

Yes….. I know….. I have ignored you all.  Sorry!  Lately I have been very sick with a terrible sinus infection. My work is currently changing  two ways big but time consuming ways .  Good for me.  And finally I have been studying to be a beekeeper for the state of Washington.  Whew!  I am now certified and have a happy buzzing hive. 🙂  Okay. No more excuses.

I finally got to do some creating yesterday. I went for my glitter.  So glitter it is!  I kept it simple to.  

Hope you enjoy, Candice 


2 Responses to “GLITTER BABY!!!”

  1. Seleise Says:

    Hope you’re feeling better! and, congrats on your beehive! I have friends who have hives. Their honey is AWESOME! Love the card – lots of shimmery loveliness!

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